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Message from the President of Bowled Solutions®

As a former executive of Track, Inc., former PBA player, and one who used to bowl internationally, I know the challenges that face and frustrate bowlers.  We believe you are seeking real bowling solutions that will positively impact your game for years to come. We realize though that knock-offs are a reality in most any industry and, the bowling industry is no exception.  Nevertheless, we remain confident that you, the competitive bowler, are not interested in throwing cash at unproven, “quick fix” gimmicks that fail to deliver.  Our first product release, the revolutionary, GRIIPS™ GLOVE delivers!  However, you don’t have to take our word for it.  Take a look at our “Testimonials” or better yet, try a GRIIPS™ GLOVE out for yourself and see if your game is not positively impacted.
On behalf of all of us here at BOWLED SOLUTIONS® CORPORATION, we thank you for giving us a try.  It is our promise and commitment to you, to consistently deliver innovative and superior bowling accessories that will truly and positively impact your bowling experience.  Wherever you see the BOWLED SOLUTIONS® name and logo, you can be confident that our products are not flash-in-the-pan “gimmicks”, but rather, proven and tested products of the highest quality.

Marshall E. Whitehead II

Message from Mayumi (Wachi) Whitehead , Design Engineer, V.P. Product Development

If you're reading this, it means that you're more than likely a competitive bowler still seeking "something" to improve your bowling experience or, still searching for "something" to gain that edge over your opponent. Why? Because either you're not satisfied with your current game and equipment or, you're not satisfied with what's available on the market.

You might even be one of many that have fallen for clever adjectives, deceptive, slick marketing and funny magazine ads promising the exact cure to your need, but really delivering more of what you don't need; more disappointment, frustration, and lighter wallets.

From watching my husband bowl, I really do understand the challenges and frustrations you face each time you shoe up.  This is why I dedicated the past 8½ years designing and redesigning a product that could improve the quality of your bowling experience.  Over the first 4½ years, it took an average of 7 hours to create each one of my earlier GRIIPS™ GLOVE prototypes.  The last 4 years I focused on perfecting the complicated construction and sew processes involved, which I learned from the many trials and errors made over the first 4½ years.

Nothing would please me more than to receive positive feedback from you that our revolutionary and patented GRIIPS™ GLOVE has added enjoyment to your game and raised your scoring potential, while also providing relief and protection to your two most important fingers used in the sport of bowling.

Thank you for your confidence and trust.   I will continue to develop and work on other prototype projects, “solutions” to improve your game.

On behalf of our dedicated team here at BOWLED SOLUTIONS CORPORATION®, we thank you for your business, your trust, feedback and support.  I will remain committed to addressing the challenges you face as a bowler.


Mayumi (Wachi) Whitehead
Design Engineer, V.P. Product Development