Credit Card Processing

Fall 2002
"The Vision"

The journey begins with searching for an effective solution to the never-ending frustration of competitive bowlers of all generations... inconsistent ball control, oftentimes, accompanied by colorful language, unrepeatable here.

Summer 2003
Over 100 of the top institutes, associations, manufacturers and universities specializing in fiber, yarn, textiles and fabrics are contacted to gather data on fabric characteristics. Subsequently, an extensive array of fabric samples is gathered from dozens of suppliers across the country for comparison and analysis


August 19, 2003
"Turning Point"

These two words were scribbled on the calendar on this date. From this day forward, all energy is focused on birthing a conceptual product that would eliminate fingertip perspiration and finger injuries while improving ball control unlike any product introduced in the sport of bowling..

Winter 2003
Development commences on a  revolutionary product concept. Each prototype is meticulously handmade by our product designer using a $58.00 home sewing machine. Each prototype requires 7 hours to construct! Unfortunately design flaws surface within 5 minutes of field-testing! After each failed attempt, frustration and fireworks erupt between  designer and tester... also lasting for 7 hours. I should clarify, I'm the "Tester" and the "Product Designer" is my wife... who usually wins.

Winter 2004
After 12 months of development and testing and many failed attempts, a light bulb comes on. Major shift in product design takes place, re-igniting the hope and vision. The daunting, unparalleled goal now shifts to create a bold and revolutionary bowling product. This innovative product envisioned would replace dependence upon bowling inserts! It would in essence, provide an unheard of level of ball control and finger comfort for competitive bowlers!

January 2005
The target number of games, which will define "success" for this yet-to-be-realized bowling product, is calibrated at a whopping 300 games of bowling! Entering uncharted waters, this seemingly, unapproachable target of creating a reliable and dependable, high-quality product that can withstand the rigors of three (3) normal league seasons, appears to be an impossibility, as there is nothing comparable to this concept on the market.

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