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Spring 2005
5 months of painstaking research and study leads to development and filing of a "pro-se" Utility Patent application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for a bowling product that will provide competitive bowlers with unmatched ball control and comfort.

Fall 2005
Each revised prototype still takes about 7 hours to create. Naturally, unsuccessful test results are inevitable. Various fabrics and tweaks in product design continue to succumb, falling apart under extreme stress tests. And, naturally, stress between product designer and tester is also inevitable, as is the outcome. The designer still wins.

Summer 2005
After more than 35 prototypes, 30 months of bowling and thousands of balls rolled, a working prototype begins to show glimmers of promise, though an increase in sleep and hair growth does not.

Summer 2005
After 30 months of testing and experimenting with a host of fabrics, dozens of prototype designs and, thousands of balls rolled, the 60-game barrier is finally breached with a prototype that holds up for 91 games... far short of the elusive 300-game objective!

Spring 2006
8 months later, after hundreds of games of testing and analyses, another significant breakthrough occurs, requiring a subtle, yet complicated design change.  This requires tester to become proactive, giving product designer lots of shoulder and neck massages to keep stress at a manageable level during this phase.

Summer 2006
18 months since major design change, a test prototype reaches the once elusive 300-game target!!  When pushed to its limit, this prototype proves to be a workhorse, shattering the 300-game barrier, maxing out at an extraordinary 372 games of bowling!!

Fall 2006
The search begins on identifying the right manufacturing partner capable of building a radically, unique and complex product unlike anything ever seen or produced; a product which could significantly improve ball control and increase scoring potential, while simultaneously protecting the two most important fingers from swelling, blisters, calluses, burn marks, and torn nails!