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Spring 2007
Completion of 600 games of R&D testing and bowling (over 9,000 balls rolled) produces two (2) more successful prototype glove samples, each easily hitting the 300-game target! These glove prototypes confirm the design stability and reliability of the first, successful glove prototype from the summer of 2006.

August 2007
Product concept and viability is confirmed and communicated through encouraging outside support and, the first unexpected investment of $5,000!

March 2008
Tester undergoes arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus of the right knee.  Tester is left-handed.

April 8, 2008
The USPTO grants registration protection for the name BOWLED SOLUTIONS®. In addition, the USPTO grants trademark protection on the business logo/icon.

May 2008
Additional results and data is gained this time from “live” environment testing, by way of the grueling, “2008 Peterson Classic” bowling tournament in Chicago.  Over an 8-game block, using the prototype glove, tester averages approximately 30 pins higher than the previous year!  Furthermore, out of the 240 total games rolled by the 30 bowlers on the squad that evening, tester shoots the high game of the evening using the prototype glove!

June 2008
After 42 months of business presentations and what appears to be an endless number of rejections from dozens of potential investors, a savvy team of businessmen immediately recognize the tremendous potential and agree to invest in an exciting business opportunity to bring “The Vision” to fruition.

Summer 2008
A Design Patent is submitted to the United States Patent & Trademark Office on the glove concept.

August 2008
5 months after the first operation, tester undergoes an unexpected, second arthroscopic knee operation on the same knee to “...take out the rest of the torn piece.”  I know what you’re thinking (“What ‘rest’?!!  What does that mean, ‘the rest’#%$@*?!”).  Don’t ask. Wisdom #101:  Never browbeat the one holding the scalpel, especially just before he puts you to sleep.