Since launching our revolutionary Griips™ Glove last year at Bowl Expo 2010, we have continued to experience tremendous interest from bowlers all over the globe. Nevertheless, many bowlers questioned, “Is the Griips™ Glove really superior to traditional grips? Although we have put the Griips™ Glove through rigorous field testing and bowlers from all over the world continue to communicate experiencing an increase in rev rate, ball speed, pin action, ball control, target accuracy and even an increase in average by as much as 20 pins using the Griips™ Glove, we wanted more objective, verifiable data. So, on December 15, 2010, to put this question to the test, Bowled Solutions® made the trip to Arlington, Texas, home of the United States Bowling Congress’ $4-million, state-of-the-art, International Training & Research Center (ITRC). We recognized the huge risk that we faced in putting the Griips™ Glove to impartial, uncompromising, scientific tests, using the ITRC’s advanced Computer Aided Tracking System (C.A.T.S.). You will want to keep reading to understand what happened.

At the outset, it should be noted that there is no one product right for everybody. The Griips™ Glove was designed for those bowlers not satisfied with their game, but rather open to consider possible solutions that might improve their game and gain an edge over their opponents. Regardless of any data presented, however compelling, we recognize and respect that some bowlers remain content and satisfied with their existing game, even if it means continued frustration with the various challenges associated with the sport.

In addition to conducting our test studies at the industry’s leading, independent training and test center in the world, we created as much as possible, a sterile, independent and unbiased environment. Prior to our arrival, an invitation for bowlers from the Arlington/Dallas area was disseminated, inviting bowlers that wished to participate in a test study to show up at the ITRC. Gathered at the ITRC were independent bowlers; a mix of left-handed and right-handed players; strokers, power strokers, crankers, grip users and bare-fingered. It is also noteworthy that with the exception of one bowler, not a single bowler that participated in the test study that day had ever heard of Bowled Solutions® or had bowled with the Griips™ Glove.

Bowlers were instructed to bring two high-performance balls of their choosing. Working with the Director of the ITRC, it was determined that their “White” oil pattern would be a good lane oil environment to conduct our tests, as it would require the participants to execute quality shots on a consistent basis. Bowlers were staggered throughout the day for testing. The actual test pair would be conducted on Lanes 1-2, which were the C.A.T.S pair. Bowlers then had 15-20 minutes of warm up on the adjacent pair (Lanes 3-4), which were dressed with the identical “White” oil pattern. At the conclusion of warm ups, two (2) bowlers were selected and assigned to report to either Lane 1 or Lane 2 for testing. Of the two balls each bowler brought, the bowler selected one of the two balls for testing purposes. Each bowler then executed 10 shots on their assigned lane. After this round, another set of two (2) bowlers rotated from Lanes 3-4 to Lanes 1-2 for testing, and so on.

After CATS data had been gathered on all participants, bowlers were then introduced to the Griips™ Glove, requiring all bowlers to either remove their existing inserts or, in the case of bare-fingered bowlers, to get their “test” ball used during the first phase of testing, opened up to accommodate the Griips Glove. After 15-20 minutes of getting acclimated to the Griips™ Glove on Lanes 3-4, each pair of bowlers returned to the previously assigned test lane. For example, if a bowler was assigned to Lane 1 using a particular ball with their inserts, the bowler returned to Lane 1 during the second round of testing using the Griips™ Glove with the same ball as used in the first test. Once again, bowlers executed 10 shots using the Griips™ Glove. Afterward, all data was compiled and analyzed on all participants.

It is important to note, that while the C.A.T.S. captures “Angle of Travel Data”, “Velocity Data” “RPM Data” and “Position Data”, the only data that could be isolated and attributed to the effects of the use of traditional grips, no grips or, the Griips™ Glove was the “RPM Data” column and, specifically, the “Range” deviation. This is because other outside influences and factors, such as changes in musculature or bowling mechanics could distort in the results gained in the other areas. However, comparing the “Range” deviation between grips or no grips vs. the Griips™ Glove would reveal which device or apparatus provided the bowler with the best release of the ball off of the fingers at the point of release. The lower the RPM Range number, the cleaner, more consistent the release of the ball off the fingers. Thus, comparing the RPM Range number of the first test (grips/no grips) against the RPM Range number captured with the use of the Griips™ Glove would reveal which device resulted in the lower RPM Range reading.

After analyzing all of the data from all bowlers, it became immediately evident that the Griips™ Glove provided bowlers across the board, the cleanest, and most consistent release possible in the game of bowling today! We should note that bowlers went through the C.A.T.S. testing multiple times throughout the day. Bowlers even conducted comparison tests with their other ball, revealing the same results. At the end of the day, it was determined that 95% of the bowlers achieved a cleaner, more consistent release using the Griips™ Glove over traditional inserts or even bowling bare-fingered. And, on average, bowlers experienced a 30% improvement in ball release!

In February 2011, we returned to Arlington to the ITRC for a second test study with different bowlers assigned to Lanes 1-4, on the same “White” pattern laid out back in December 2010 and under the same strict guidelines. Once again, the results were corroborated. The Griips™ Glove is in fact superior over traditional grips or even bowling bare-fingered, in that use of the Griips™ Glove provides the bowler with a cleaner, more consistent and, therefore repeatable release, ball after ball. In the game of bowling, regardless of ball selection, knowledge of the game or practice, a clean, consistent repeatable “release” is one of the most critical components in the game, without which, at best, the bowler is inconsistent and not bowling up to his/her full potential. The Griips™ Glove was developed to significantly reduce these inconsistencies, as well as other negative effects that plague bowlers’ fingers of all levels, which no other single product addresses today.

The compelling, irrefutable results gained at the United States Bowling Congress’ International Training & Research Center have confirmed what bowlers continue to tell us, that their Griips™ Glove has significantly enhanced their ball control, and improved their overall release (i.e. no “grabbing”, “squeezing”, “dropping” or “tugging”). In addition, though we have not scientifically “tested” this yet, bowlers have expressed experiencing drastic reduction in finger-pain (i.e. burn marks, cuts, blisters, abrasions, calluses, swelling, arthritis, etc.,), and an increase in ball speed, rev rate, and pin action, with some bowlers improving their average by as much as 15-20 pins!

It is important to note that the introduction of finger grips over 30 years ago was at the time, a fresh departure away from the habit of bowling with just the bare fingers. This new technology was slow to catch on at first, but today, approximately 90% of all bowlers use traditional grips. The introduction of the Griips™ Glove, which has been proven to be many times more durable than grips, provides the bowler with superior comfort, ball control and, extraordinary benefits never before thought possible, not found in any other single product today. Here at Bowled Solutions® our primary objective is to continue to identify and develop innovative solutions that improve the bowler’s game and enjoyment of the sport.

All of us here at Bowled Solutions®, are grateful to the United States Bowling Congress and the International Training & Research Center for their support and use of their technology. And, for those bowlers around the world who have been open-minded enough to give the revolutionary Griips™ Glove a try, I personally thank you for your faith, support, business and, for sharing your stories with us and your friends, even before we had substantive data to make public. For those not yet convinced of the merits of the Griips™ Glove, I invite you to try it. If you are open to consider if the Griips™ Glove can improve your game, I would like to extend a limited time offer of 20% off our normal retail pricing. Simply visit our website ( Online Store using Code: Griips20off.

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Warm regards,

Marshall E. Whitehead II

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